July 27, 2011#

Moving my life to the cloud

The plan next year for my girlfriend and I is to move to somewhere in Spain, we have both had enough of England for now, so we’re going to try a warmer climate for 6 months and see how it goes. While I was out for my run today I started thinking about what to do with all my “stuff” – I have a big DVD collection, Photos, Books etc – I stopped buying physical music a long time ago but still have some CDs, a set of 1210s and a vinyl collection. I have stopped downloading music and now stream everything using Last.fm and Spotify so I think it’s time I did the same with the other physical posessions I own.

The plan is to either retain digital copies of everything and store it in the cloud or find a service which makes it redundant. Its going to be quite a long process I think but I believe it’s time to move on from owning large amounts of physical possessions – do I really need albums of photos taking up space when I can scan them and keep in my Flickr or Amazon S3 account ?

There are some things I will need to put into storage – business accounts, as its a legal requirement to keep copies of receipts etc (for 3 years I think?).

Posessions I need to keep are :

  • Clothes
  • Computing Equipment
  • Sporting Equipment ( I play tennis / footbal/ / badminton and go running)

Everything else can go on eBay or to charity. I will document any online services I find along the way to help with this process – if anyone has recommendations for apps / services to try out, please let me know …