The plan next year for my girlfriend and I is to move to somewhere in Spain, we have both had enough of England for now, so we’re going to try a warmer climate for 6 months and see how it goes. While I was out for my run today I started thinking about what to do with all my “stuff” – I have a big DVD collection, Photos, Books etc – I stopped buying physical music a long time ago but still have some CDs, a set of 1210s and a vinyl collection. I have stopped downloading music and now stream everything using and Spotify so I think it’s time I did the same with the other physical posessions I own.

The plan is to either retain digital copies of everything and store it in the cloud or find a service which makes it redundant. Its going to be quite a long process I think but I believe it’s time to move on from owning large amounts of physical possessions – do I really need albums of photos taking up space when I can scan them and keep in my Flickr or Amazon S3 account ?

There are some things I will need to put into storage – business accounts, as its a legal requirement to keep copies of receipts etc (for 3 years I think?).

Posessions I need to keep are :

  • Clothes
  • Computing Equipment
  • Sporting Equipment ( I play tennis / footbal/ / badminton and go running)

Everything else can go on eBay or to charity. I will document any online services I find along the way to help with this process – if anyone has recommendations for apps / services to try out, please let me know …




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  1. You’ll need to retain the bulk of your business documentation for 7 years (or 6 years from the end of the relevant accounting period), although AFAIK you can retain digital copies.

    Obviously a quick call to HMRC will clarify this.

  2. Cool, Looks like I can retain digital copies :

    Can I use my computer to keep records?
    If you transfer details from paper records onto a computer, you will still normally have to keep the original paper records unless you microfilm them or use an optical imaging system. You don’t have to print everything out, as long as the information in the original documents can be recovered from the computer and satisfies the other rules for record keeping.

  3. music magpie is a good service for getting shut of those old cd’s and dvd’s once you’ve ripped them. it goes to say, you get peanuts for what you regard as classics (dogma is brilliant and if you say otherwise, i’ll hunt you down), but at least it takes away the weekends sat at car boot sales listening to chavs slating you for having an ozzy osbourne double cd live album.

    • Ah quality, nice one – I wasn’t looking forward to doing the ebay thing.
      Will see what prices they give.

  4. Spain… Nice!
    Moved there 15 years ago, I highly recommend the Costa Blanca or if you can afford it the Costa del Sol.


  5. Great. The UK weather is really getting to us too. We did consider Spain after falling in love with the gorgeous beaches in Salou but the language barrier is an issue for us. I was going to recommend as a place to sell CD’s (for the benefit of future readers who come across this post), but realise that they now only buy gadgets. Music Magpie is a good bet though.


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