This week we released a new design on Photographic Blog, as you can see this new design is a lot more professional looking …

The new design is also responsive, meaning that it will adapt to fit any screen size – right down to mobile phone screens. The new design was also for practical reasons – I wanted to start covering news items in a bid to beef our traffic up and broaden the scope of the site. We recently took on a new blogger who has been contributing some good articles and now will also be posting equipment news, check out his posts here – welcome Bernado!

With us now covering photography news I want to submit the site to Google News who have some strict requirements for accepting sites – hopefully with the new design we will be accepted. I’m going to leave it a month or so before submitting so we can show a track record of providing good quality news items.



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  1. This new design truly looks more professional, and without any doubt I love it!


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